Tiffany + Michael

Summergrove Estate

What can you say about this quirky duo that will do justice to how seriously cool they were. 
Tiff + Mike have been together 11 years and a few weeks back they made their official relationship, officially official in their own vibrant and dun way. In the months leading up to their wedding they collected all sorts of odd bits and pieces to line their reception tables with. Cartoon figurines, gnomes, dinosaurs all painted gold. Mike in his creative way set the whole reception up the morning of the wedding and even built his own photo booth - yes... HE BUILT IT HIMSELF. 

Their day was filled with a bunch of crazy wonderful people. Their bridal party were the kind of friends you wish you could hire out to come to every wedding with you. 
They walked a nervous Tiff down the aisle, they balled next to their best mate and brother as he said his vows and they did not stop dancing! 

We had a blast filming and photographing your wedding guys and we wish you the most amazing colour-filled and adventurous life together. 

Nath + Soph