Katuscia + Scott

Glen Co Scottland Engagement

WOW! This was one shoot we will never forget. We have just gotten back from a few weeks abroad in the UK + Scotland and it was amazing. While we were traveling we met up with Scott and Kat in the middle of this this jaw dropping valley. Glencoe is a tiny little villiage in the Scottish Highlands and for a mere 20 min along its highway you are surrounded by mammoth rocks that really do take your breath away. I have never seen anything like it! Peak after peak of snow crowned glory. As we drove in the clouds were low and the rain was pouring but it shortly lifted and we got the drone out straight away. Everything we were told about Glencoe was that the weather is almost always terrible. We were likely to be shooting in torrential rain, snow and wind but as our little drone took on these massive mounts, we knew it was going to be the best day. In a fashion unaccustomed to this wee Glen, the rain, snow and wind did not return until sunset. We had the perfect scene and the perfect weather. 

We met up with Kat and Scott, had a cuppa, and then headed out for our first location - the ionic white cottage of Glencoe. Isn’t she a dream! We ran through fields of marsh and bog, danced and chatted our way around the landscape. Here we were - us Australians with our classic “Occa” accent trying to understand their somewhat musically lyrical yet beautiful Scottish voices, laughing at each others accents and falling in the same ditches. 

We then ventured a little further down the road where Kat braved the cold and changed her outfit. Hats off to this girl - it was 6 degrees and she agreed with her crazy photog and took off her shoes and stepped in the stream of ice water. I, however, was snug in my winter jacket while she looked effortlessly beautiful standing on a cold rock with bare feet. 

Kat and Scott - we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing this adventure with us. You are both such kind, honest and willing people (haha) and even as the snot dripped from our noses, I am so glad we got to spend that time climbing the glen with you guys. It was lovely getting to know you just a ‘wee’ bit and I can not wait to see how your amazing Italian wedding unfolds. We wish you all the best with your marriage - its the celebration of what you already have, yet the beginning of so much more.