Roxie + Bryce

A wedding festival

Now when you have met these two you you pretty quickly realise just how sweet they are. Its a genuine kindness and gratitude they have for the people in their world. Bryce is this ever present calm and warmth that will bend over backwards to make you feel welcomed and appreciated. Roxie has this bright infectious (bad choice of words given Corona 2020) bubble of light that again draws you into this place of peaceful relaxed chatter.  

We first met these two over a year ago when we got together to celebrate their engagement. We made them go swimming in a dam with who knows what beneath their feet and we honestly had such a blast with them. Nath found his cricket sole mate while Rox and I rolled our eyes at them. Haha - it was meant to be.

They celebrated their wedding fest on Rox’s families private farm and holy heck this place is beautiful! They worked tirelessly for months preparing the paddock with massive tent poles and electricity ready for them to build their wedding reception. It was no small fete and the joy felt at the final result was so beautiful to see. The beautiful farm proudly on display hosted one hell of a party to which the cows also joined in.

I mean - who wouldn’t get good shots of this wedding?? It was a stunner!!

Rox and Bryce - you are so so so loved. We really value and appreciate you guys and how you planned your day. You blessed us with yourselves and we are so thankful to have met two of Grafton’s best! Pop in again for a gin soon ok!