Dust Temple - Currumbin

Kev + Tess had been friends for years and years. I think Kev had been crushing on Tess for years before she finally gave into his charms and when she did, I can confirm it hit her like a ton of bricks how much she loved him. Its a little like that sometimes... This quiet (well quite loud really) patient friendship facing the hurdles of life - both joys and hard times - and then all out of no where you suddenly realise that you couldn't face life without them. He was there the whole time, just waiting out that friend zone, perhaps unaware himself how she was it for him. 
They got together, then broke up. He wrote her a song which was so bloody beautiful. Their friendship triumphed through breakup and then some many years down the road, Tess just didn't want to do life without him. 
So.... he wrote another song - this one marking the beginning of what they both knew was the start of the rest of their lives. There was no question, this was it for them.

So a little time later he bought her a pink diamond, bent his knee at a pink lake, and asked her to marry him. I got a facetime call an hour or so later from two very very happy cuties all overjoyed and excited.

Oh man - how special it is for us to be a part of these moments in peoples lives. But these two... We watched this one grow from its beginning. I sat with Tess through breakups, they both celebrated with our own marriage long before their story had begun. So to be able to share this moment with them was something so wonderful.

All in all - I love them.... Like so much a little wee comes out.

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